Digital Transformation

Digital technology not only changes our everyday lives but the economy as a whole. As it is predominantly developed and deployed based on the requirements of a capitalist profit interests, the impacts of society's digital transformation are often ambivalent. We pose the question how digital technology can be designed and utilized in a more democratic and socio-ecologically just manner.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chat GPT and Its Impact on Education

ChatGPT can handle tasks that used to cause headaches with just a bit of input from you. It can research information, write texts, and summarize books - is that a dream come true or somewhat unsettling? Our chatbot L!NXy explains how AI might transform everyday learning, its impact on future generations, and how educators can utilize ChatGPT for their work.

Format: Games and exercicesReading time: 20

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chat GPT And the Labor Market

Whether it's intelligent robots or language assistants that can write texts, Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally transform the working world. While this has the potential to make work much more productive, there are also concerns about the future of many jobs. Dive into the debate with our chatbot L!NXy, learn which jobs are affected, and get tips on how to use ChatGPT in your work.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT: The Basics

From self-driving cars to personalized recommendation systems and medical diagnosis - Artificial Intelligence is no longer a science fiction scenario but an omnipresent reality. How does this technology work exactly, what opportunities and challenges does it bring, and what impact does it have on our future? Our chatbot L!NXy will reveal what you need to know about the basics of AI and ChatGPT.

Format: Games and exercicesReading time: 15