History and Culture

History and culture are crucial points of departure and sites of engagement for left politics. Even though history is often full of contradictions, it is also important because it enables us to engage critically with the present. It also shapes the culture of our collective existence. Confronting our shared way of living enables us to talk critically about history, which in turn helps us create the kind of future and society we want to live in.

R is for Rosa - A film series on Rosa Luxemburg!

Revolutionary, radical, polarising. It is impossible to imagine the history of the 20th century without Rosa Luxemburg. But who was Rosa Luxemburg and what did she stand for? Her legacy is told in four short films, from her thoughts to her work.

Format: VideoReading time: 20

The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg

Here you can listen to excerpts from letters written by Rosa Luxemburg. Rosa reports on her everyday life in prison, reflects on the political situation, recounts her childhood memories, and shares her observations on nature.

Format: AudioReading time: 30

The Life of Rosa Luxemburg—The Eternal Rose

This animated short film by the renowned young artist Viet Su Kieu Hung devotedly reconstructs Rosa Luxemburg’s life and demonstrates her exceptional legacy. Through an imaginary letter that Rosa might have written during the last moments of her extraordinary life, we learn about what challenged and motivated her.

Format: VideoReading time: 5