Region and municipalities

Municipal, regional, and local politics refers to politics in towns, villages, communities, municipalities, and districts. Here, citizens focus on a number of social issues: public transport, the construction of housing, childcare facilities and schools, energy, cultural institutions, libraries, and the local economy. The way in which citizens are involved in political decision-making processes is important.

Feminist Cities

Feminist urban planning strives to create cities that are fair for all genders. It's crucial to ask: For whom were these spaces constructed? What kind of life is facilitated here – and what kind isn't? Experience the daily lives of residents in various parts of a city with this interactive map, get to know their stories and issues, and learn how to organize in order to make cities more feminist and just.


Moving Cities - Solidarity Cities

“Moving Cities” is an educational platform that provides information about “solidarity cities” and their strategies for welcoming migrants and refugees. It presents innovative local approaches and provides an overview of all the various European cities and networks that welcome refugees and support a migration policy based on principles of solidarity.