Antiracism and antifascism

Hostile, far-right discourse and politics are not a thing of the past. Anti-fascist and anti-racist movements focus on the struggle against Nazis and right-wing political structures, and oppose all forms of attack on people based on their skin colour, physical appearance, or ethnicity. They clarify facts about right-wing political structures, attacks, and murders, and provide support for victims of right-wing violence. Learn more about these struggles here!

USA: Working class against repression and racism

During the Trump presidency, U.S. unions initially opposed the rise of authoritarianism only symbolically. Over time, they acted more decisively. Where union members became active in the workplace, they succeeded in slowing the trend toward authoritarianism and sometimes achieved significant successes.


What is Facism?

In an interview with Roger Griffin, one of the world’s foremost experts on fascism, we discuss his definition of the term. He also outlines the strategies needed to combat today’s right-wing political structures.