Protest and organizing

Organizing refers to a particular form of political organization. On the one hand it means the process of building up an organizational structure, on the other, organizing crafts together the right combination of methods, plans, systematization, and stance. Some of the questions that arise when organizing are: what is a sustainable method of organizing? What does organization mean, and what do we want to change? Organizing also focuses on aspirations for social change, that is to say, how to bring about a comprehensive transformation of society.

Ready for a Better Future?

We live in a time in which one crisis follows the next: Pandemic, war, poverty, flight, climate crisis or even the collapse of the financial system. How can we still not lose sight of our dreams and utopias, take action and what can give us orientation?


Workers against the Right

Authoritarian politics are on the rise worldwide. At the same time, humanity needs to fundamentally change the prevailing model of production and consumption (especially in the global North) to overcome inequality and exploitation and prevent ecological collapse. Using the examples of Colombia, the USA, Chile, India, France and Germany, we show how workers are opposing authoritarianism, racism and exploitation.