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Moving Cities - Solidarity Cities

“Moving Cities” is an educational platform that provides information about “solidarity cities” and their strategies for welcoming migrants and refugees. It presents innovative local approaches and provides an overview of all the various European cities and networks that welcome refugees and support a migration policy based on principles of solidarity.

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Local Policies Can Make a Big Difference!

Europe’s isolationist policy in the Mediterranean, the issue of citizenship, and residency status are not the only factors that play a role in determining living conditions for migrants in the EU. The local policies of cities and municipalities can also have a large impact. That is why when considering a left-wing strategy for migration policy, it is important to consider what dealing with national and European migration controls and restrictions might look like at the local level.



A “solidarity city” is a city that advocates a socially just society based on integration.

Over 700 European cities are actively supporting a solidarity-based migration policy.


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