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The Move: How the Climate Catastrophe Leads to Refugee Movements

This video gives an insight into the reasons why, once again, the poorest are suffering the most from the consequences of climate change. At the same time, it shows how more and more people are joining forces to tackle this injustice and stand firm against the biggest perpetrators of climate catastrophes.

How Climate Change Is Forcing People to Flee

What do Joana from the Philippines, Kayliah from Syria and Juan Patricio from Honduras have in common? They are all - and with them their family, friends and possessions - massively threatened by the ever more noticeable climate change. They share this fate with millions of people around the world, especially in the so-called Global South. Due to droughts, floods and heatwaves, their homes are increasingly threatened and many are forced to flee.



This video is in English with German subtitles


What Do We Want? Climate Justice! When Do We Want It? NOW!

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This video was produced by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation Manila as part of the Climate Migration Forum 2019 and focuses on the perspective of the survivors of this crisis who are now working for climate justice.

This contribution is published under the terms of the Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0! Share, use or adapt the video for your educational work. Don't forget to republish it under the same conditions and credit L!NX and the authors!

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