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Climate related damage and loss - and who pays for it?

The effects of climate change are already being felt today. How do we deal with these problems and the associated losses that climate change is already causing - and will cause even more dramatically in the future?

People have to leave their homes because they have become uninhabitable. Islands are threatening to sink, stretches of land are becoming desolate. And the political situation is tense, because all these problems provide fuel for armed conflicts worldwide.
The consequences of climate change do not affect everyone equally - while it is mainly the countries of the Global North that bear responsibility for climate change, people from the Global South have to live with the damage.
The question of how we deal with the damage caused by climate change is important for international climate policy - because the extent to which climate justice can be implemented in concrete terms depends on it. What has happened so far and how can it continue? Find out more in the following video.

Climate justice! But how?

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