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The Water Crisis in Cape Town

For many people, water is a resource that is simply always available rather than something they really have to think about. But things won’t stay this way. Recent summers in Europe have been marked by dryness, drought, dusty topsoil, and poor harvests. This documentary about the South African city of Cape Town shows the impact of severe water shortage.

How did things come to this?

Using disinfectant instead of washing hands, flushing the toilet less often, and entire districts that have their water shut off: these measures are part of everyday life in the city on the Cape of Good Hope, which has been battling a serious, large-scale water crisis for years.  Which people are suffering the most from the crisis?


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Notes from the future

This documentary shows what residents think about the situation and how local scientists explain the crisis.  The water shortage was triggered by below-average rainfall since 2017. Despite efforts to improve the water supply, the ongoing crisis could not be averted. At this stage, it is not only the poor who are affected, but rich neighbourhoods too. This crisis shows that what is happening now in Cape Town could soon be a reality in many other parts of the world. The only way we can change the course of things is to find collective, rational ways of managing our resources.


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