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"We will rise, or we will burn!"

Does the future lie with climate crisis or climate justice? You decide! We are in the midst of a crisis of justice caused by capitalism and colonialism. This double-sided world map shows how existing inequality continues to grow on a planet that has warmed by three degrees, as well as the struggles responding to this inequality.

We Will Burn!_eng

We Will Rise!_eng

Reversible Map of Climate Change and Protests

The first side of the map shows how existing inequality resulting from extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and heatwaves will grow as the climate crisis progresses. The people most affected are those who contribute least to the climate crisis. Whether we take measures to protect the environment or continue to fuel the climate crisis is a question of global justice.

The second page shows how together, we can partake in a ever growing global movement to build pressure. We ask fundamental questions about how we live together, how we do business, how we use resources, and who has power over them. Doing so enables us to explore new horizons together.

We will rise, or we will burn!

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