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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chat GPT and Its Impact on Education

ChatGPT can handle tasks that used to cause headaches with just a bit of input from you. It can research information, write texts, and summarize books - is that a dream come true or somewhat unsettling? Our chatbot L!NXy explains how AI might transform everyday learning, its impact on future generations, and how educators can utilize ChatGPT for their work.

Better Learning With Artificial Intelligence?

Chatbot L!NXy on AI and education
Artificial Intelligence will bring about significant changes in our learning habits as well. While the alleviation of tedious tasks can be an opportunity, there is also concern that relying less on practice may lead to a loss of writing skills and creativity. Learn from our chatbot L!NXy how our everyday learning is changing with Artificial Intelligence, the opportunities and risks it presents, and its impact on future generations. Additionally, L!NXy provides tips and methodological guidance on how you can incorporate AI into your educational work.
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Chatbot and Texts by Adriana Yee Meyberg. Online editing: Alina Kopp. This post is published under the terms of the Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0 (external link, opens in a new window)! Special thanks to Alina Kopp, Florian Leiner, Yannick Böing, Steffen Kühne, Keith Grünewald and Katarina Weise for their valuable feedback and proofreading. Share, use and adapt this post for your educational work. Don't forget to republish it under the same conditions and mention L!NX and the authors!


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