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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chat GPT And the Labor Market

Whether it's intelligent robots or language assistants that can write texts, Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally transform the working world. While this has the potential to make work much more productive, there are also concerns about the future of many jobs. Dive into the debate with our chatbot L!NXy, learn which jobs are affected, and get tips on how to use ChatGPT in your work.

Are We Going to Lose Our Jobs Because of AI?

 Chatbot L!NXy on AI in the Workplace
Men vs. Machine: The fear of humans being replaced by machines has existed for a long time. In the workplace, technological revolutions in the past have indeed increased productivity, but rarely led to a reduction in workload and more leisure time. With AI, this problem takes on a new dimension. Learn more about the current discussion regarding AI and its effects on work from our chatbot L!NXy, including which jobs are most affected and how voice actors delaing with AI voice generators. Additionally, you can discover how to effectively utilize the ChatGPT chatbot for text creation, research, and translation purposes.
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