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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT: The Basics

From self-driving cars to personalized recommendation systems and medical diagnosis - Artificial Intelligence is no longer a science fiction scenario but an omnipresent reality. How does this technology work exactly, what opportunities and challenges does it bring, and what impact does it have on our future? Our chatbot L!NXy will reveal what you need to know about the basics of AI and ChatGPT.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

chatbot L!NXy on the basics of Artificial Intelligence AI.
Since ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI in 2022, the development of Artificial Intelligence has been a vibrant discussion. While some predict a promising future, there are also major concerns about how AI threatens our privacy, exacerbates inequalities, or spreads misinformation - especially since AI is primarily developed to serve the profit maximization of large companies. Our chatbot L!NXy will explain what AI is, how applications like ChatGPT work, and the specific features of AI that create images.
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