Development: A North-South Debate

In the name of aid, progress, growth, empowerment or sustainability, development has always had the sense of being something "good" or "positive". But poverty and inequality are outcomes of the systematic and unequal integration of "poorer" countries into the global economic structures. Learn more about this with a timeline of western development politics, its criticism and movements fighting for alternative concepts to improve and change the world.

Bild von Weltkarte im Hintergrund. Schiff aus Kolonialzeiten mit Pfeil auf modernem Containerschiff und Bild von Faus die Widerstände Symbolosiert

Ready for a Better Future?

We live in a time in which one crisis follows the next: Pandemic, war, poverty, flight, climate crisis or even the collapse of the financial system. How can we still not lose sight of our dreams and utopias, take action and what can give us orientation?


Exiting the Crisis! - Understanding Crises and Paths to Global Justice

Climate breakdown, economic decline, global inequality and growing poverty - one crisis follows the next. To build a sustainable world where humans and nature can coexist in the long term, we need a socio-ecological transformation. We analyze the root causes of current crises and demonstrate how, together, we can win for a better world for all.


Moving Cities - Solidarity Cities

“Moving Cities” is an educational platform that provides information about “solidarity cities” and their strategies for welcoming migrants and refugees. It presents innovative local approaches and provides an overview of all the various European cities and networks that welcome refugees and support a migration policy based on principles of solidarity.


Self-Management and Factory Occupation

Hundreds of workers around the world have organized to take over companies and organize labor in a way of equality and solidarity. What do reclaimed enterprises under worker control look like? What makes them special and what are the examples around the world? Take a look at this infographic!