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Self-Management and Factory Occupation

Hundreds of workers around the world have organized to take over companies and organize labor in a way of equality and solidarity. What do reclaimed enterprises under worker control look like? What makes them special and what are the examples around the world? Take a look at this infographic!

People at work with signs saying "Take the power". Next to it is written: We can do differently: Occupation and self-management"
Crises and pandemics bring with them a wide range of challenges. Employees are often the first to be affected. They lose their jobs, for example, because companies cut personnel costs, close down operations or relocate to lower-cost locations. Thus, it is primarily employees and their families who experience a deterioration in their working and living conditions. What alternatives are there in this context? What experiences of struggle and organization have proven effective in such crisis situations? The takeover of factories and their self-management are revolutionary examples that challenge the existing world of work.

Everything about recovered Factories under Worker´s Control


Curious now? Take a look at this short film by Dario Azellinni and Oliver Ressler about the labor struggle and collective process of RBA Rimaflow in Italy!


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